The Beverage Brand Ambassador Academy provides the knowledge, tools, and coaching required to develop successful, confident Brand Ambassadors and Sales Reps in a fraction of the time. 

For Brands, The Beverage BA Academy offers a scaleable effective training tool to equip your teams with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed. We also offer multiple courses to fit your specific needs and budgets. Plus, bespoke services to create custom content just for your brand.

"I created the Beverage Brand Ambassador Academy because no one comes to this industry fully equipped for success. We offer the tools BAs need to put effort into their job rather than worrying about everything they don't understand. Knowledge is power, and I believe in empowering others so that they can succeed and excel!" - Elayne Duff.


A peek inside the brain of a great industry mind, full of valuable information and advice, leaving the viewer undeniably more prepared for whatever lay ahead of them.

Elayne’s experience and expertise come to life in this engaging and detailed seminar. If you’re like me, and most people, you may have no problem being inspired and having a great idea but maybe can’t as easily navigate putting the wheel in motion and connecting the dots to take your idea from a twinkle in your mind to a full fledge and scalable activation/ concept. This seminar helps you to organize and think efficiently, teaching you to ask yourself all the questions you need to answer to be able to mobilize your idea into a fully formed plan. Olivia-Campari


The "Marketing 101/bring an idea to life" seminar with Elayne opened my mind about putting together as a team a scalable strategy or an event for a liquor brand while making sure it is still relevant to the audience. There is always something to learn in this permanently evolving industry! Xavier -Campari


I really enjoyed the Marketing 101/Bring an Idea to Life seminar because as someone who came over to the supplier side from hospitality it helped translate a lot of the language and concepts you have to be familiar with when representing a brand. It gave me a really great foundation to work from, especially when it comes to bringing a fun event from idea to execution, and really organizing my brainstorming process. Mary-Campari

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